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  • How to: The Ikea Kitchen CabinetIn 2009, Dwell reported on the Ikea kitchen cabinet phenomenon, and five years later it is still going strong. From off-the-rack to custom, these kitchens use them best. This tiny Stockholm kitchen is outfitted with cabinets from Ikea, painted a serene powder blue— a custom shade matched to one of resident Saša Antić’s favorite cashmere scarves. Photo by: Jonas Ingerstedt Writer Dan Maginn’s Ode to the...

  • 8 Surprisingly Sustainable Modern HomesHere at Dwell, we love a good form, but only in tandem with function. These ultra-green, sustainable homes prove that a light footprint is possible no matter what the architectural style—the most modern approach of all. The view from this almost-off-the-grid Maine cabin underscores its remote location on one of the outermost islands on the American eastern seaboard. The home sports four solar panels that easily collects a week’s worth of surplus energy when stored in auxiliary batteries. A hot outdoor shower works thanks to an on-demand, gravity-driven water...

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